Good n Plenty

Just the other day I decided to purchase a classic candy, “Good and Plenty.”  Ah, the enjoyable black licorice center, wrapped by white and colored (pink) coated candy.  It brings back memories of my childhood.

In fact, it brings back memories for many childhoods.  It is the oldest candy made in this country, by Hershey Corp., in 1893.  While enjoying this sweet confection of diabetic  and dental demise, I wondered which candy was “good” and which was “plenty”?  Was there a real difference other than their color?  They both have black licorice centers.                 So I proceeded to do own my un-scientific experiment.

I opened the box and observed–that there indeed was a “good” and a “plenty,” much to my surprise.  In fact, what I noticed was there were many more “whites” than “coloreds” (pink).  So I wondered, can this box of candy be racist?  They were originally manufactured shortly after this nations civil war, in 1861-1865.  I decided that the colored (pink) ones were the good and white ones were the plenty.

There are many more whites in a box than there are coloreds.  Is this indicative or representative of our nations make-up, at least back in the day?  This would still hold true based on numbers today.  Strange thought indeed.  Would a company subliminally make a candy sending this message?  Would anyone notice?  Has anyone asked the question?  So I chuckled (different candy) at the notion, that it could indeed be plausible.  But would it be so?

Who do you ask to find out?  Would anyone actually admit to it, if historically it were true?  Imagine the backlash in society today, should information like this leak out to the public.  The optics of it would be off the charts.  Rev. Al (Sharpton) and company would lose their collective minds, (what little minds they have).

It just struck me funny, or in a funny way.  And then I wondered, they also made “Good n Fruity.”  This came many years later, all in many colors and flavors, (originally with a red licorice center).  Was this a subliminal message of transgender(ism) to come?  Is the Good n Fruity the transgendered version?  It could be – couldn’t it?  Why not?  Look at todays societal make-up.  It is not out of the realm of possibility.

Were the folks at Hershey’s clairvoyant?  How could they know many years ago that this is where our society was headed, by liberalism?

It makes you wonder – doesn’t it?  Or is it just the mind of the “Toad?”

You decide.