Al Gets Gore(d)

Have you heard the news?  Al Gore’s earth shattering movie on “climate change and global warming” – has blown up — but not at the box office.  It is a complete and utter “Failure.”  Just as his ridiculous predictions and pseudo-science analysis based on computer models.  Hahahaha!  He could have made a better presentation using lego.  It would have been more interesting and at least amusing.  We were supposed to be an exploding planet back in 1996.

OOPS!  Missed that one by a Texas mile and a half.

Perhaps, standing on a block of dry ice, to represent the Arctic, as he stood on the Arctic, in his stupid ass movie, decrying — blah, blah, blah.  LMAO  again!!  This is hilarious.  Let’s give him another Academy award– shall we!

Now he’s off saying we should abolish the “electoral college.”  When will these banana-brains stop this nonsense?  Likely never., hence the reason they are banana brains.  Of course, what would I have to write about then.  Shhhhh..,,,,  I will be very, very quiet and let them continue — as you were.  🙂