Bigger is Better

Well China has finally gone all out and is becoming more Americanized then ever.  A restaurant is displaying an ad that offers discounts based on “Bra cup” size.  Woohoo!  That’s is awesome and hilarious!

We here stateside (in the USA) have always been fascinated with “boobs.”  Let’s face it –we love them., and the bigger the better — to a point.  We make jokes about them, genuflect while in their presence, or is it while these mammaries of affection are in ours, we find them visually appealing etc.  So what?  God gave women “Boobies.”  We love them and the Chinese restaurant acknowledges this reality, just as we do.  Hooters – Anyone?  Look at how much money has/is spent on boobs in this country, let alone worldwide.  I applaud this business owner for having the gumption to find his immoral compass and use his intellect to his greater (no pun) advantage.  You go Ho Chi Mein!

Apparently the bigger the boobs, the bigger the discount.  Go “Double D.”  If I were a plastic surgeon, I would absolutely do a cross marketing campaign with this restaurant.   Want to get even, market a weiner contest.  That’s right, a “Schlong for Kong,” or Hong, or some other slang version.  Now – proof of size, (bigger the better) will be an interesting task.  Who gets to check?  Is the measurement determined while flaccid  or arousal?  What is the yard stick (now that gets a free meal for sure), that determines your im-measurable discount?  Per inch, (millimeter), per knuckle?  This could get very interesting.

They are just boobs — you Boobs!  For those offended, “GET OVER IT! or get some coconut oil.