Bigger is Better/Part Deux

After reviewing my previous writing on the alarming concern in China about “bigger Boobs” get bigger discounts, I have decided to add the following:

First:   This Chinese restaurant owner is actually a true entrepreneur, quite creative, actually.   I applaud his spirit and initiative.

Second:  He is creating new jobs, aka; “fluffer.”

Third:  This is better then having women or men illicitly performing services on/at there own risk.  This can actually be regulated and safe.

And lastly; I don’t know of many – (few in fact) that wouldn’t sign up to eat there.  Think of it — you get fluffed, by a “fluff n nutter,” – a real pro — a discounted meal based on manhood, (remember bigger is better), and a satisfying meal — all in one.  That’s full service dining, well almost.  Can you imagine how many businesses would wish to locate near this restaurant.  They would have a smorgasbord of a customer base, once word got out.  And for those who are self-conscious about there size (or lack of) – Get over it!   What a meal/deal!  The owners could expand this concept and offer franchise ownership.  If you don’t quite measure up (your family member/best friend) is petite., he could offer a I feel sorry for your wife/girlfriend or boyfriend or other; additional discount. You know take some off the top – since it appears that has already happened.

As for how much of discount one gets, cm, inches, girth, who knows?  The owner can use any standard he wishes.  So come on down fellas — step up — to get sized up.  All is fair in culinary faire.   So there, Mon Fraire – don’t despair – even if you have no hair down there – we don’t care – if you’re bare – or are as big as a pear – get measured if you dare.

And those who are listed as “ginormous” — lunch is on the house!!

Any ladies going to complain about sexism now?  I do not think so.

All is fair in the bare pair.  Catchy new name if you ask me!!

Welcome to the “Bare Pair”, where we provide service to determine the measurable amount you receive.  I like it!!