Transgender Tele-Tubbie

Planned Parenthood is now suggesting that parents enjoin in conversation with 3-4 year children bout “transgenders” in society.

New Planned Parenthood guidelines for parents now advise that children as young as four years old be informed that having a penis or a vagina doesn’t necessarily mean they are male or female. Why? Because, Planned Parenthood argues, how could parents know whether their children are transgender?

In my opinion, this is incredibly dangerous advice.

If butchering babies (partial abortion) is not bad enough, now they wish to emasculate a child before they have any pre-conceived notion of sexual identity or understanding of what it means.  We are talking about 3-4 year old children here.  The state of Minnesota is on-board with this nonsense.

How do you screw up the minds of people?  This is a prime example of delusional and dangerous thoughts that the Far-Left are promoting and propagating as “the new norm.”

I cannot think of any psychologist or psychiatrist with a normal degree of sensibility in there thought process, that would suggest this is a wise or reasonable decision.   This is NUTS!!  Simply Insane!!

Legislatures in the state of Minnesota should have there brains examined and or be institutionalized.  This is one case where I believe in “abortion” being retroactive.

I can see the new Tele-Tubbie kids show becoming “transgendered” tomorrow.  Hollywood will jump all over this as being “all inclusive.”

They should hire Hillary “Felonia Von-Pants Suit” (Kurt Schlicter’s specialty line), as the spokes person.  She damn well resembles giant sized Tele-Tubbie in those outfits., anyway.  She can be the nations grandma – to all of our future children.  Of course, because she has such wonderful parenting and mothering skills.

Oh boy, I know our children’s future will feel so safe space now — don’t you?