CBS -Twitter post – Iceland

CBS has tweeted on twitter; Iceland is on pace to virtually eliminate Down syndrome through abortion.  learns more, tonight at 10pm ET/PT

CBS News has posted the above statement on twitter — referencing that Iceland is eliminating down syndrome, at nearly 100%, by performing abortions on the babies with whom the medical community have determined would be born with “down syndrome.”

Simply a disgusting statement from these fools at CBS. Are you surprised?  You shouldn’t be!  If indeed the country of Iceland is in fact performing all of these abortions, for this very reason, shame on them, or those who are involved. (in my opinion).

Perhaps, retribution would be for the viewing public to “abort” CBS — stop viewing this garbage network.  Twitter is the perfect name for this social media outlet — many on it are “twits” –  CBS is a shining example.