A Tragedy that could have Averted

Interesting — who is blaming whom, regarding the violence in Charlottesville, VA. last week.  The Liberal Looney-tunes screaming — the “alt-right” are at fault — and the “alt-right” are contending the same on the other side — meanwhile, the media conflates the story and truth laying blame on President Trump and his deplorable’s.  Yet, the media does not accept any responsibility for there part.

When Trump said “both sides” are at fault, he was partially correct.  All participants and there divisive behavior that current ails this nation – are   culpable and at fault., including the media.  Let us not forget the rhetoric and narrative that Obama promoted on similar and other (divisive) and racially sparked events during his time in office.  An honest assessment of where we are today clearly demonstrates the position.  Sadly, no one will admit this and hold themselves accountable. The narrative and angst that this country is experiencing will not change until all the participants, accept their responsibility for there actions.  

Only then will we be able to have open and thoughtful discussion, that creates an opportunity for healing and unity.

Question:  How come no one is asking what were the Charlottesville city leaders thinking about when they approved and provided a “legal permit” to hold the protest?  What did they think would happen?  Are they culpable for the events that transpired?   You’re damn right they are!

Some are actually stating that all Republicans are racists, etc.  The media runs with stories like this – because they can gain headlines. And that’s the name of the game – sadly, tragically!  It’s all about the mighty dollar – follow the money trail.