C’mom man – Where’s Ted?

How is that Ted Nugent is NOT in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame?  Nearly 7,000 concerts over 50 years of music, playing, performing, recording.  Isn’t that the definitive reason for success?  Playing in the public,  Being accepted by the public. Having a world legion of fans. That’s a concert every third day – for nearly 50 years!!

Hmm.,, seems to me that the ROR Hall of Fame has been sitting on the docks — on this one.  Do you think his political views have anything to do with this snub?  Do you?

I say let’s make Ted a Far-Left Liberal Lilli-limp Dick for just one-day., so he can get in to the HOF.  Hahahaha!!  It will never happen!

Funny though, he will be the very first to stand tall and proud, as a Conservative, to speak openly, loudly and proudly about anyones Constitutional right to speak freely, passionately — regardless of what they have to say – or the manner in which they say it.

Can the board on the HOF make that statement? Apparently not.

They stain with skid marks, the very excellence and achievements of those they admire within the ranks of the HOF and it’s not with that of burning rubber from tires of a hotrod car.