Sharpie makes “zero” points

Al Sharpton was recently on the Charlie Rose show (of course he had to get press time), and when pressed about the violence in Charlottesville, his perspective and opinion on removing all statues and monuments, that reflect our nations history and that of Confederate soldiers., the ever so brilliant “Sharpie”  —  said the monuments and statues were insulting to his people.

I didn’t know he had – people.  Wouldn’t that make him pseudo slave owner?  RACIST I say!!   The very ones he claims to condemn.  It’s funny to me, the vast majority of Confederates were “not” the slave owners.

The Democratic Party is the party of slave owners, secession, etc.  Charlie Rose went to ask,  “Should we get rid of the Democratic Party,” since this is there history?  Sharpie could only respond – that’s a bit of much satire now isn’t it?

No we are not!!  Sharpen that thought for a moment.  Simply factual intel.  It would be Great to rid this nation of the fascist swine on the Far-Left, who attempt to indoctrinate the young minds with this filth.

The new faces of the old worn out message from the Democratic Party, Maxine Waters and Al Sharpton.  Hilarious!!

Imagine what that must look like — the south bound side (ass) of a north bound traveling Donkey.  How appropriate.  You decide which “mug” you wish to see coming or going.  The Mumbling Mutant Mongrel or the Old Hag of Hancock Park.

Woofee shaina — that’s U-G-L-Y,  UGLY!!