Hildabeast is back

Hillary Clinton is back at it– spewing more garbage then a broken main line from a cesspool, complaining about something or some injustice done to her., in her new book.  OMG!!  Not again.  Here we go!!

She has  penned a new book, ready for release.  I can’t wait to hear the MSM praise this pile of sun-baked manure.  Then again, flies are attracted to s–t!  If it is anything like her last NY Times (best seller)  hahahahah!!!  — it should reach an audience of 5 people.

In her book she states;  “I have spent a lifetime of dealing with men trying to throw me off.”  Sounds like the “transgendered” version of Bubba Bill.  Is she for real?  What man would and has ever wanted to be on top of this “b—h?”  Talk about living in a fantasy world. Where is Ricardo Montalban when you need  him most?  This women is simply laughable, or is it deplorable?  What difference does it make!  She is today’s political version of septic shock.   Blechhh!!!