By Any Other Name…….

Far-Left, Libtards, Lilli-limpdicks, you name it — they own it and they deserve them.  The Demo-rats tolerate cold weather, (a change of seasons),  a change leadership, about as much as they do opposing opinions.  Cry! Babies, cry!

One of their staunch leaders of this so called “progressive” march into the history books, whose refusal to submit to the belief that natural causes are as likely an effect of “global warming” as anything man can/has contributed, has been “Gore(d)” in the box office.  His little precious video project has flopped more the the Lilli-limpdicks that support his cause., or then that of cooked spaghetti.

While Big Al was out parading around the world in his private corporate jet (in support of fossil fuel) to have photo ops of him standing on icebergs, pontificating about the damage we humans are doing to the world — he would have been better off standing on a block of “Dry Ice” for representation.  At least that would have been funny-visually.

I have another word for these human-like people, “Fahucktards.”  They make as much sense as a recent Gloria Steinem statement., “forcing women to have children is the fundamental cause of climate change.”  WHAT?

What’s next?  A California tax on the amount of breaths we take – daily?  Of course, this will be a great job creator for government officials, “Air monitors.”  I can see them working at the AQMD now.  Let’s face it, he (Moonbeam) has already implemented “cow farting” laws on the dairy farmers and are actually considering “taxing” our drinking water to collect/pay for water treatment throughout the state.  This is not to far fetched.  I should just shut-up and not give this Fahucktard and his merry-men of stupidity any ideas.

Enough said.