Houston – “We have a Problem”

“Houston, we have a problem,” – Those words infamously said on the Apollo 3 journey that never landed on the moon, could certainly be applied today.  Here is my take on this devastating natural disaster that the citizens of Houston and the surrounding area have been confronted with.

Inspiring, courageous and selfless acts are what define this nations history and its people — Houston is showing the world just how great “We the People” are., dismiss these acts, erase them from history–I dare you!!  You cannot.  

Webster’s dictionary defines “courage” as; the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.  

While I will not dismiss the courage exemplified by any and all of those involved in this natural disaster, couldn’t we also say that the parents who are protecting there children, showing positive emotions in the face of extreme circumstances and helping thy neighbor., are indeed, showing great levels of courage as well.  Would you be able to dismiss there actions?  I cannot.

The unforeseen circumstances that the city of Houston and the surrounding communities are experiencing due to the wrath of mother nature, reminds me of just how valuable courage is in all of us. The cosmic energy forces that have splashed down on Houston, lets me know just how fragile are lives can be, at any given moment.

So I offer this to you all.  A small prayer, a kind thought, a small donation (if you can), and a lot of positive cosmic energy sent to the Houston area.  This small act of courage in all of us, will help., not only you personally, but those in more dire needs.

Be good to yourself, be better to those around you and watch just how fast we all rise above the flood waters of life and fly to the moon.

And Differently;  Now if only our elected leaders can be so inspiring, courageous and selfless and act on behalf of its citizens.  Congress, your shining example sits in front of you–observe.