Marrano’s vs. Moron’os

Marranos was the name given to Jews in 15th Century Spain, during the Spanish Inquisition, who secretly maintained their Judaism while living as Catholics in public.  They did this, so as to not be ostracized or castigated by the people in society.

Today, the Liberals of society are marching and castigating anyone who doesn’t subscribe or enjoin in there beliefs, most notably, Conservatives. Under this onslaught of liberalism and the violence they perpetuate, one could certainly assign this same name reference of “marranos” to todays Conservatives.

However, it is my belief that a more fitting name association would be “moron’os,” referencing those liberals who act out so violently, most often without any clear understanding as to what cause they are actually supporting.  Think the “Pink Pussy-hat” wearing imbeciles who marched earlier this year.  Most had zero concept or idea as to why they were marching or what cause they were supporting, i.e. Moron’os.