American Made – Africans Afraid

So this completely pacified/pussified world we now call home (America), we now have African americans studying at the University level– wait for it —- “offended by cotton.”  Are these piles of globules of goo and  spineless twits for real?   Have they lost there cotton picking minds?

If I am the parent of one of these neophytes of nonsense and neanderthal level of cranial activity., I would beat that little bastard – back to the cotton picking days of yester-year., as a wake up call.  That would be my sons new alarm clock and wake up call to reality.  Ding-Dong!!  For whom the bell tolls?

I am incensed by the level of absolute stupidity and incredulous that these imbeciles were even admitted to universities in the first place.

They are giving this nations fine, hard working and historical “cotton pikers” a bad rap.  Bums, I tell you!!

Can you say Rayon?  What will they be afraid of next?  There own sexuality?  Oh- s–t, some already are.  Tragic, completely tragic.