Baltimore Bike Share System – Beleaguered by Stealing

The following is a partial writing from, Timothy Meads of

The Baltimore Bike Share system has been placed on temporary hiatus until the company behind the $2.36 million endeavor can add additional security to prevent the unprecedented levels of record theft that plague the program.

“We don’t have this issue anywhere else, not at this level,” Bewegen Technologies CEO Alain Ayotte told the Baltimore Sun earlier this week. “Our locking system is recognized [as] very, very up to industry standard, but due to the issues that occurred in Baltimore this summer, we did add additional security.”

Let’s be smart here and straight forward.  This city is a disaster.   It’s been Democratic rule and run by morons who are so progressive, there unemployment, crime etc., are amongst the worst in the nation.  50 years these clowns (Bozo’s) have been running the show and now they have this fine addition to show for there efforts.  Hilarious!!  WTF — did they think would happen?

These morons couldn’t fix breakfast, let alone transportation issues in there city.  Call Uber!!