Emmy’s get Panned more then the camera moves.

The Emmy Awards crashed and burned with all-time low ratings–hahahaha — so much for the Hollywood elite scum — no one is watching your garbage, nor are they paying attention to your incessant rants on  Trump.  Of course, the lib-Tards are blaming Trump for the low ratings.

Stop the childish, cry-baby, foot stomping hissy fits and grow up!  Support the President.  He is YOUR President — whether you like it or not.  A funny thing just might happen.  It’s called success.  Have you noticed that when the President and this nation succeed, we all succeed and are lives are better off.

How did that work out for you under Obungo?  Great, I imagine if you were an elitist.

You could continue down this road of behavioral stupidity, incessant whining, crying, bitching and moaning, and (you moan more than porn stars) for gods sake — or — be better.  Of course, I fully expect you to continue to be Dumb and Dumber, by continuing to act as if you’re all that matters.

I know you won’t disappoint.