America’s Playboy

We have lost a cultural icon, social icon and male admirer, (for some), Hugh Hefner.  The founder and creator of Playboy , has died., at age 91.  🙁   So sad actually.  For those of us who are old enough to have grown up with Playboy, visited the clubs, and fantasized about the bunnies – long live its creator.

He has gone limp.  Actually, he has become stiff and likely stiffer then he has been in many years – even with the help of those magical blue pills.  Oh, get over yourself.  He would have laughed at it as well.

Do you think the likes of Playboy could even get published today as a new forum?  Nope, not a chance.  It’s funny, because the Left will vilify the opportunity screaming, racism, (there usual fall back), or misogyny, or anything they do not like.  The millennial who know nothing about Playboy, would scream “safe space,” the muslims would scream intolerance, civic leaders would scream anything that gets them press time and votes – and all over god’s natural beauty, the “naked body.”  Guaranteed someone or some group would scream “objectifying” women in this way is wrong.  Oh boy!  I say screw you all (Hef tried)  hahaha!!!!!   Get naked!

The name Playboy would not likely even fit into today’s world either, what with all the transformation, transgender, transitional stuff going on — and not even God knows what’s next.  Oy Vay!!

Which way or side is up?  Or its down?   Or left or right?   Turn it over, put it in– who the f–k knows anymore.  Sit or stand?  You have got me!

Mostly, I say thank you Hef, even though I never met him, (I feel close enough to him- having read, okay viewed is more accurate–many a copies of Playboy) – to call him Hef.  May you rest in peace.

One question though, are you going to have a little casket for your family “member?”   Your jewel, who was so blessed to take a dip in many a Nile.  I say make a Pink-Pussy-casket, and lay your friend to rest.  It is the perfect ending to a grand life – especially as it’s the last time he will get laid.