NFL – Protest, for what reason?

The NFL (National Felon League) has has approximately 12% (200+) players out of 1590 on teams, not including practice squad players-are protesting, what?  Please tell me. Do they really even know what they are they are protesting?  Likely not.

What started a couple of years ago with Colin Kaeperneck  has explore into something completely different today.  These high priced entertainers schooled lookout themselves first and check there own behavior, before they start concerning themselves with the behavior of others.  Almost daily, one can read about an NFL players being arrested for assault, gun charges, drugs, murder, etc., hence, the National Felon League.

Stop worrying about others–please.  Mostly, you’re spoiled, high priced entertainers–not any better then the brats in Hollywood.   The average salary is 2 million dollars a year. While there football careers might only be 4 years, (average life expectancy of a player),  they will make more money during this time, then 99.5% of the people in this nation make in there working lifetime.  STFU!!

To disrespect the nation symbol of freedom, liberty and rights and then stand for another country’s id deplorable!  Yes, that means you Baltimore Ravens-scum!  I can only imagine what the people in England were thinking.  How about NOT standing for the Mexican national anthem when the USA soccer team plays Mexico.  Let’s see how well received that will be.  Can you say riots in the streets?

Most of these guys are just going along with the cause and truly do not understand why., mukluk the  pink-pussycat wearing fools who marched in protest in March, on DC.  They have no clue.

I do not agree with President Trumps words and the manner in which he spoke them.  Callous is my take.  However, I do agree with the message.  It’s a business.  The NFL owners should put some balls in there pants and stop transgender(ing) to the media hacks, who are just glorifying this for press time.  The players Kneel(ed) to be told–this is football, this is my team and YOU will respect the flag.  Protest on your own time.  You’re on my time, my payroll and you’re costing me big money.  If you kneel-you sit., period!

Game over.