Democratic Dumb or just plain Stupid?

It appears that the more the Democratic party leaders speak, the dumber they get.  Is it me, or is it something in the cool aid they drink?  I simply cannot grasp just how moronic these elected leaders are.

For instance: “Mad Max”ine Waters makes a brilliant claim about the water levels in her district in Venice Beach California., 6 hours apart.  Apparently she doesn’t understand the concept of ‘Hi-tide and Low-tide.”  It gets better.

They (the Democrats) also claim Hillary Clinton to be “honest,” – now honestly– whose buying that pile of lies?  Al Sharpton, to be a reverend (self appointed and anointed)., Bruce Jenner (aka Caitlyn) to be a women., for real?  Hilarious!!  (he is a Republican as well)  He/she is just another looney tune who dismembers his “member” – to become a member of a different family., I guess he lost interest in the Addams Family he was part of.  See what happens when Uncle Fester farted.  It or Thing gave rise to Caitlyn, who can no longer give rise to any – “Thing” again. 🙁

Al Gore is viewed as a scientist – because he can stand on an iceberg and yell, “I’m melting.”  Cue the Wicked Witch of the West, please.  Hey Al — ice melts, check your glass of Scotch.  Pocahantas, aka Elizabeth Warren, is just nuts!  I am more Native American then she is, so is someone born in Indian”a.”   Talk about confusing?  They all speak as if they are Confucius!  Incredible!  So much wisdom here, don’t you think?

And the list grows day by day.  Don’t believe me.  How about  Sheila Jackson:  “Homicide is the leading cause of murder!”  Brilliant!  By this idiot a Guinness or a Colt 45.  Of course, we cannot forget the likes of Michael Moore, now can we.  He brilliantly stated; “most guns are owned by scared white people.”  Explain your bodyguard please–who got arrested at JFK airport for possession of an “illegal firearm” – you fool!  And why in the hell isn’t your bodyguard a Syrian refugee, or some other illegal that you believe should be in this country-free?  You can house them at no cost to the American public, in your home. (He owns 8 houses).

And finally, over 500 days passed between the Travon Martin shooting and the Zimmerman verdict. 10,865 blacks were killed during this time span, by BLACKS!  Oh yes, we have a race issue this nation., because the liberal media creates one.   At this pace, by the year 2100, there may not be any blacks left for blacks to shoot.  Of course, the Democratic idiots,  Al Sharpie,  Jesse and company, Mayor Rahm (Chicago is a safe city) as along as your white – Emanuel, (that idiot), and the NFL kneel-sayers etc., would have you believe it is all do to cops killing them.

When the narrative and rhetoric of the MSM decides to change to a more fair, reasonable and balanced message, then and only then, will the nonsense stop.  I do not expect that to happen anytime soon.  The MSM are simply making to much money providing garbage information to the masses.  It’s all about the mighty Benjamin.