Truth or Consequences

I am sorely disappointed in Tom Price at this moment.  I can only imagine how President Trump and his staff must feel.  The one hired, appointee that was tried and true, above board, seems to have succumbed to the poisonous trough that the DC crowd seem to feed from.  Truly sad.

Was the small amount of money he spent on travel, estimated to be $51,000 dollars worth it?  In all likelihood, he never gave it a moments second thought.  Of course, will anyone ever hear of the ridiculous amounts of waste from Obama, (85 million dollars) on family vacations–nope.  How about Nancy Pelosi’s frivolous spending on military planes, (coast to coast) to visit family members?  Nope!

I am certain there are many more egregious examples that can be sighted, why bother.  They will fall on deaf ears.

The bottom-line, Trump campaigned to “Drain the Swamp.”  This is precisely what he speaking about.  This was a business decision for him.  If you waste financial resources, at the tax payers expense, you will be fired.  If you act inappropriately, you will be fired.  I know the MSM will view this as just another you’re fired moment as if he is on his reality TV show, “The Apprentice.”  I say, let them.   I applaud the decision.  He is sending a clear and concise message, be above board.

Your actions and behavior will have consequences, that’s the truth.