Petty this man was not.

The world is saddened by the loss of a brilliant musician, entertainer  and composer, Tom Petty has passed.  His musical life began from humble beginnings in Gainesville, Florida.  Like many, he aspired to become a musician after seeing the Beatle’s on the Ed Sullivan Show., in 1964.  Who didn’t?

Thomas Earle Petty died of a massive heart attack, on Oct. 2nd.   Ironic that he moves on to a more peaceful place, of a broken heart, since his band was “The Heartbreakers.”  His list of accomplishments is long and steady.  Turning out albums for many years, both as a solo artist and leader of the band.  He also was a founding member of a super group known as “The Travelin Wilburys.”  When you put the talents of Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne (Electric Light Orchestra), George Harrison and Bob Dylan in the same group, on stage at the same time–does anything else need be said.  SUPER, for certain.  (HOF).

His blues style, harmonious rifs, chords and vocals will never be duplicated.  Enjoying a brilliant solo career as well, having recorded with Stevie Nicks (of Fleetwood Mac), Ringo Starr and many others, speaks volumes on his abilities.  It is arguable that he could and likely should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in (3) bands.,  joining the only other artist to accomplish this feat, the incredible Eric Clapton.  I say absolutely.

It’s often been said to Listen to your Heart, he certainly did.  He dropped out of school at age 17., and “Runnin Down a Dream,” he began his career.  He is coming to you o’Mighty one, coming Into the Great Wide Open, so give him his wings, He’s Learning to Fly.  He has come to the End of the Line in a mortal way, he played his Last Dance just the other day.   Change the Locks, close the door, sadly we will see him, never more.  He never back down, he played to his strengths, his music was for all to enjoy, in the simplest way.  He performed for many years, to our great delight, his performances we will all remember in such great light.  When the likes of Winwood (as in Steve) are the front of your tour, it’s time to cheer and ask for more.

So let’s Give him (me) some Lovin‘ – (Spencer Davis Group ref.) – he has found his way home.

His (12th album), Mojo never seemed to quit, this album released at #2 on the Billboard 200, to wit.

It’s also fitting to note, his last album Hypnotic Eye, reached #1, on top, and up high.  What great name for an album that certainly had so many under his spell.

The perfect ending to the man and his quest for musical greatness, (he certainly achieved) acceptance and an illustrious 40 year career.  To finish at the top, having started in the shadow of a grove of trees, he planted on the campus, of the University of Florida, where he once worked.

With many thanks, the memories I enjoy, for many years more, I say thanks to Tom Petty, for hitting the road and playing on tour.  R.I.P.