Las Vegas – the Loves Lost

The Greater good in all of US, will outweigh the evil in just one of us., everyday.  See, Ben Shapiro’s., The Power of Good.  A terrific writing on this this tragic event.

This I say in light of the horrific tragedy that has transpired in Las Vegas on Oct. 2.  My heart goes out to all families, friends who have lost someone and have been personally adversely affected as well.  This moment in there lives will haunt them for many years to come, so sad.  To the Many brave individuals who selflessly saved others lives, complete strangers, from injury or imminent death, you make this nation proud.  You exemplify why the USA is the best-period!

To the MSM who will not discuss your courage or pass it by, as an excuse to cover more gory details, shame on you.  I only wish they would focus on the “greater good” for a change rather then the despicable acts, but the greater good does not garner headlines and sell copy.  Follow the money trail, people.