Deep South or is it North?

Just a thought. Eleven or more months have passed on the Russia conspiracy theory involving President Trump and company. Not a shred of conclusive evidence currently exists and yet we still have Mueller mulling over document after document, with the FBI determined to find something, conspiratorial in nature.

Yet, within 24 hours of the horrific and tragic shooting in Las Vegas, the FBI can come out and conclusively state., “this is not an act of terrorism.”

Makes you wonder a little doesn’t it?  Shouldn’t it?  How can the very same organization make such a profound statement on one act and crickets on the other?  Can you say corrupt and politicized department. I can. I just did.  Perhaps these Stooges should hire Larry, Moe and Curly to do there work.

Larry can go deep south and investigate Curly’s hairy little Mow.  I can’t wait to hear the results of that investigation.