A Day in the Life of the Idiot

Let’s start with our Congressional Leaders, shall we.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) decides he is “now speaking” for the dead in Las Vegas.  That murderous Hollywood movie mannequin (Chucky) does a better job of speaking than this fool.  He suggests if “the dead” could speak, they would tell President Trump to “do something” about the NRA.  Incredible!  Can he please explain how the NRA is responsible for the tragic deaths in Las Vegas?  I await his brilliant response.  I will be waiting until the cow jumps over the moon.  Let’s remind this imbecilic fool, that back in 2010 when Democrats controlled Washington, Obama’s ATF  legalized the bump stocks the Las Vegas shooter used.  Are you listening America?  No, because the MSM will not release this intel.

Keep America stupid, that’a their game plan.  It’s working.

Next up – Governor Jerry Brown’s decision to sign SB54 and makes California a sanctuary state for illegal aliens – including those who have committed crimes.  Another brilliant decision.  What will this accomplish?  Next to nothing.  Unintended consequences.  The people at ICE will not just raid schools, churches etc, to arrest and gather up the illegal criminals and the so called “law abiding illegal”- oxymoron anyone, in mass raids.  This has already been done, next.  Bad laws make good laws weak.  This is a classic example.

Rahm Emanuel- Crickets!!  Black Lives Matter–apparently not – to the Black Lives Matter movement, they’re more concerned about the infinitesimal amount of blacks shot by police in the line of duty, (far less percentage wise) then whites., then they are about there brothers, murdering, there brothers?  Can you say All in the Family?  Somebody is not “woke,” or needs to wake up.

Let’s move on to the land of make believe.  Is there a more fraudulent, mythical, magical and farcical society of stupid than Hollywood?  Jimmy (cry for me oh Hollywood), his tears over healthcare and now the shooting in Las Vegas.  Give this man an Emmy, please!  It is listed, that he is an observational comic, delves in to black comedy, (isn’t that racist?) – surprising that The Democratic party hasn’t outlawed this type of comedy., there’s still time and insult comedy.  His statements on political matters are insulting.  Where are his words of wisdom for the more than 750 people murdered in Chicago last year?  Zilch!!  How about 4368 people were shot in 2016 and for the 529 murdered this year?  Nada!!  Crocodile Tears for them–nope!!  It’s ironic, I actually like him.  I remember him on “The Man Show,” with his buddy, Adam Corolla.  My how polar opposite these two are.  Look at the their careers.  One goes all in Liberal and the other not so much.  What does that tell you about Holly-weird?

Michael Moore, aka “Fat Bastard” – is now pounding out publicly, that the 2nd Amendment needs to be rewritten.  Okaaaay now!  How about a word on your buddy Harvey Weinstein?  Nothing, nada, zero!  Why?  Because Harvey finances the shit-stain movies this fool makes.  Money, for nothing-said.  How about the many, I am confident in this statement., over the many years in which silence was the virtue.  (Re-read the Money for nothing , line.)  No homage to Dire Straits (musical group) here, but the song is perfectly suited.  Let’s add Ashley Judd, who claims to have been a victim over 20 years ago, but said nothing. Why not?  She was likely planning her future of Pink Pussy-hat wearing marches, or follow the money trail.  Talk about lack of integrity and class.  It’s incredible how the Hollywood elites are mirror images of the political classless, that decide what, where, who, and how we plebeians, mere mortals, are to associate with and behave in society.  I guess it’s because they “woke.”  And we’re just nubian slaves to their whims.

Well, we are awake – and we aren’t buying into B——t anymore!  You’re wonks!  Flaccid, lilli-limp dick dildos, that are of no use or benefit to this nation.  The tide is turning and you’re going to get stuffed.  It just won’t be in a Christmas stocking.  It will be up your painful, sore ass., and we will be smiling 🙂 and asking, “KY anyone?”