Harvey Ball-banger

Harvey Weinstein, another Sinai Soul brother killing the tribe.  Here is your deplorable and irredeemable!

I say B———t, to all those who surreptitiously decide to come out of the shadows now and scream FOUL!!

Where were all of these people for the many years of abusive behavior?  Taking and gladly accepting his money, favors etc., to become household names and celebrity status stars. Can you say Clooney, Judd, etc?

They are all garbage – hypocrites. How about the friends, family, attorneys, etc., on the business side of the equation?  They all knew as well.  Crickets!!  Let’s not forget the press and media.  They are all complicit in this mans horrific actions and behavior.

Who’s next? And………. the Oscar goes to????????

For everyone of these people who are crying foul now., your silence for the many years and unwillingness to admonish this behavior only emboldened, empowered, enabled and advocated it.

Shame on you all!!