Trading Favors

A new Hollywood movie is on the horizon, starring none other then one of there own elite Executive Producers and money makers, Harvey Weinstein.  In response to the revelations of his phenomenal behavior, over the many years, surely a movie must be made.  So here it is.

“Trading Favors,” a movie made in the bathroom, boardroom, hallways, lunch room, hotel room and any room available for indecent and despicable behavior.  These rooms are his oysters and he has certainly tried to shuck as many as he can.

The long-laundry list of potential actors is large and deep. (no porn association here) okay maybe a little –maybe a lot.

Cast:  Harvey Weinstein as Hollywood scumbag., Harvey Weinstein (aka – shuckster).  Along side for the ride (definitely porn associated), Bill “Bubba” Clinton.  Who else knows how to stain the situation better then he does. (Ok-maybe Obama) – different type of stain.    As the nosey neighbor next door, reprising the role of Mrs. Kravitz., Rosie O’Donnell.  She longs to be in the little black book of disgust, but will never get there.  Thus, she is the movies voyeuristic she-bitch., or is it he-bitch?  Details, details.

George Clooney and Ashley Judd will be a married couple, who’s nuptials never quiet make it, thus Judd runs into the waiting arms and swollen loins of Weinstein, who promises to make her a household name in her quest to be a soap actress.  Clooney is already a promising star with hits like “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.”  He feels quite secure in his movie stardom future.  He will fly on the coat-tails of his family name and never mention the dastardly deeds he knows all to well about.

This movie will be directed by americas favorite pedophile and molester, Woody Allen.  Who else to give this movie a raw, authentic and the quirky twist it so deserves.  Technical Consultant, through many years of practice and hiding,  France’s favorite hidden son., Roman Polanski.  We must seek that realistic touch in the land of make believe, don’t you know.  Cinematographer will be the hot and popular Anthony Weiner.  Who else to capture the imagery in snapchat style and form, that will bring the millennials flocking for a seat in the theater.   A technical wizard he is.

Editing this fine piece of film-making madness, Hillary Clinton.  No one else is as capable of Control-Alter and Delete, as she is.  No doubt, only the very best, clips will ever be seen.  As political consultant, we go back to the future with John Edwards.  He certainly can lend a old school touch of realism to this celluloid catastrophe.  Assisting on the public relations side, Americas super sized himself – Michael Moore.  Providing Michael statements of stupidity, ignorance and negligence, the Professor herself, Nancy Pelosi.  The Public relations department will certainly be standout with these two at the helm.  Speaking publicly for them of course, none other then the voice of reason, sanity and the “Madam of Mumbling,” as well as the face of the “Donkey” party — Maxine Waters.  No doubt she will seek the assistant on special occasion from her friend and mentor Al “The Dumb-ass racist agitator” Sharpton.  Because you know Mad-Maxine is good like that.  It’s “all in the family,” or “boyz in the hood” club.  Martha Stewart will jump in as Set Decorator and Whoopie Goldberg will lend her expertise in the comedy department., because she is so damn funny.  Lena Dunham will make a guest appearance – as the neighborhood “dunce,” of course.  They will have her parade around in her Pink-Pussy-hat screaming, “it’s mine and you can’t have it.”  Tragically, she is so stupid, she doesn’t realize that no one wants it — not even the nosey neighbor and lesbo lib-tard – Mrs. Kravitz., aka: Rosie O’Donnell.

And finally, doing voiceover and lending his expertise to this fine production, sounding much like Darth Vader and having the presence of sexual assault and spermatozoa in the air, Bill Cosby.  Who doesn’t love Bill Cosby?  He spans all genders, which will certainly appeal to – well, all genders.  No one can claim racism and oppression now, can they?  Colin Kaepernick and company can finally stop kneeling.   Although, one must recognize, there was a lot of kneeling going on in the first place.

Undoubtedly, it will win the Best Picture Award, Best Director etc., when the Oscars roll around.  Of course, none other then Meryl Streep will be its presenter.  Who else?  One of the industries finest, offering up her salutations to one of americas most despicable., and shouting for all who would listen — this man is so brilliant!  Perfect!

The only thing left to do, is have Harvey Weinstein extradited from France, who is harboring him from the American authorities.  His other choice was Cuba, but to Che’ Guevara for him.

Finally, America’s following of f—-p and forbidden behaviors (Hollywood elites) will forgive and honor Weinstein with a Lifetime Achievement Award., to be presented by Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel will assert that none of this would have happened if Trump weren’t elected.  It’s Trump’s fault.