Hilda-beasts (Hillarys) Hypocrisy continues – in spades.

In light of the bombastic revelations of Harvey Weinstein’s “deplorable and irredeemable” behavior,  Hilda-beast has the audacity to call President Trump a “sexual assaulter,” but completely gives her own boy, Bubba Bill a complete pass.  Now, bye definition, assault can be verbal in nature, but the actual physical assaults that Bubba Bill committed on Paula Jones etc, are irrelevant to her.  I guess she might just say, “what difference does it make.”  This is the perfect fall back line of stupidity and ignorance she is most certainly comfortable with.  I will not excuse the words spoken by President Trump, referring to having the opportunity to grab a “women’s pussy” anytime he wanted, but those are just words.

Hilda-beast does this phrase ring a bell?  Actions speak louder than words.  Clearly her words are worth less today, as no one is buying her crap nor are they buying her garbage books!  Keep speaking Hilda-beast.  You are rising to the top of the charts as a graduate from the Pelosi School of Public Speech.  Perhaps, you will finally be a winner at something, instead of the loser you have been your entire life.  You’re just a Kling-on.  Like a poop just just won’t leave your ass.  You’re stuck to the flawed and failed beliefs of the party of racists and truly deplorable and irredeemables.  Congrats!