Anchor Babies Away

The ACLU has filed a law suit against the state of Texas, regarding the states assertion to “not provide” an abortion to an illegal immigrant.  The ACLU’s point of contention, this violates there constitutional rights.  This appears to be an argumentative point.  As this illegal immigrant is not a “citizen” of this nation, does she indeed have this entitlement or right?  Secondly,  abortion while a law of the land in this nation, is not part of the Constitution, anywhere.

The Texas Attorney General, a conservative, as is the state of Texas in general, does not wish to allow this procedure, for it will set a potential legal precedent.  In doing so, the fear is that many more illegals will cross the border into Texas and then acquire the ability to have an abortion.  Texas will virtually become an “abortion sanctuary state”.  This is the fear factor.  A fair argument at that.

It is an interesting dilemma to be certain.  Here is my solution.  One I believe is fair, reasonable, cost efficient and even adheres to those with religious implications.

This illegal immigrant should have the baby and the baby should be declared a ward of the state.
The baby is given up immediately for adoption but only for a US citizen, and thru privately run operated adoption facilities or centers, of which there are many.  DO NOT put this child into a foster care government run system.  They are riddled with problems and issues.  Often times the child(ren) are bounced around like ping-pong balls from one facility to another.   The mental issues many of these children encounter are enormous.  This should be made a law.

No more illegals will come to US for abortion; no more anchor babies.  Case closed.

This is a win-win situation for all.  The wanting parent who cannot conceive, gets the child they have always wanted. They get to become parents and provide, with all the love and care they know how to muster, to a child in need.   The child is not an anchor baby, or tossed about like chattel through the foster care system.  The taxpayers are not paying exorbitant amounts of money to provides services for a child. While born here legally, there parent(s) have circumvented the system in doing so – (anchor babies)., and bear no responsibility or costs for the child.  And our elected officials have actually drafted a law that makes sense, has jurisprudence in its writing and is allowed to be equitably applied.

Who could argue with this one?  There is only one other stipulation.  This illegal birthing parent, must now be put on “birth control”- permanently.  If at some future time she were to become a naturalized citizen, this stipulation then can be removed, but only then.

What do you think?