“The” Fractured fairytale.

Think of this, everyone is colluding with Russia except Trump.  Really. Think about that for just one minute.  The following list of sordid characters are and have been colluding with Russia in one way or another, The Podesta Group, Hillary and her campaign staff, the DNC,  the FBI, add Christopher Steele, who is credited as an ex-MI6 agent. And not just any old ex-MI6 agent, he’s the head of the Russia desk at MI6, go figure.  No small potato there, I might add.

I truly believe I might be next. That’s right.  Why not?  I am currently “the only one not” colluding with Russia, along with Trump.  We’re it!

This liberal lunacy of a fabricated fractured fairytale has gone completely off the rails.  The train is now running on its wheels, erratically.  I can’t wait for these buffoons to indict The Pope in this grand caper, and sight religious freedoms are now at risk.