Paris Patisserie

Apparently Paris France, not to be outdone as the worlds most progressive city, has opened its first “au natural” restaurant. Feeding the nudie – in the flesh.  That’s right, no., that’s actually “left”.

You can eat in the buff, while fluffing your muff!  OMG!  No pubes please-not even as a side order.  I am wondering if they will be serving pigs in a blanket, aka as Hillary-Harvey special.. Of course, I think they should call it the Polanski wrap.

Is this an appetizer specialty house or a full service menu?  Hmm…??  Makes you winder just a little bit.  Well at least, it;s one way to keep the muslims out.  Perhaps, this should be there new mantra towards nationalization?  Serve Pig (pork) only and dine in the nude.  Love it! They can even have Porky as the national animal.  That should change the attitude of any those who wish to change the culture of the country.