NYC – Transit Stupid

The NYC city transit authority has sent out a memo, stating that its conductors are to refrain from using the phrase, “ladies and gentlemen” for fear of offending transgender riders. Give me a break!

Talk about absurdity and stupidity. This type of PC police is utter nonsense.

They claim “they do not want to offend any transgender riders”.  Well, these fools have lost there way.  Just because someone has chosen to transform there body, into the likeness of the opposite sex, does not preclude them being referred to as a “lady or gentleman.”  Idiots missing the mark by a country mile—again.

Talk about ironic.  The very notion that saying ladies and gentlemen would be offensive to the minute minority of its riders, is now —offensive for NOT saying it.  That’s right, because we know the left will bitch and moan about soon enough.  If I am a transgender, I want to be viewed as normal and spoken to with respect and dignity.  Referring to me as a lady or gentleman completes the circle of my existence as such an individual.

Can the people who have decided to implement such a rule/program take there heads from out of the asses of societal stupidity and see what the real world looks like, not this fantasy-land which they aim to create.

Incredible just how stupid and ignorant our society is becoming.