Stupidity Speech on Steroids

We have achieved new heights of irrelevance, stupidity and lunacy with the NYC Transit Authority decision to refrain from using the words, “ladies and gentleman” in there announcements.  Why, for fear of insulting or hurting the feelings of a transgender rider.                Okay, enough already!  I have had enough.

This speech suppression issue, PC nonsense, and all of the garbage that they support officially has gone off the rails., no pun intended.

What’s next?  My name is Todd.  I am now going to be told (or new parents) they cannot spell my name with two D’s – because that makes a me a double D, and that is offensive to women with small breasts.  How about not being able to laugh at work, because it is offensive to humorless individuals.  Or discussing sports, because those who do not know anything about them, there feelings will be hurt and not feel inclusive.  Discussion of music is no longer permitted, publicly., because it is considered racist if one doesn’t mention an artist of  ethnic background., (that means no speaking of the colorful folks in society).  :-)

Lets speak about eating meat.  Nope,  no longer can you do so because it offends vegans and/or vegetarians.   Never mind my beautifully cooked steak I had for lunch came a from a steer, that eats vegan.  So doesn’t that make me  a “vegan eater by proxy?  Don’t I qualify?  What about my feelings?  Politics, religion and sex are already taboo, in many environments because of the personal and incendiary nature of the subject matter, but now., they will no longer be tolerated in your home, for fear of creating and adding to divorce statistics.  Education can only be discussed at well, schools of higher education, because this is the only place they teach you nothing about opposing points of view.  This is precisely how you dummy down society.  WSJ has a brilliant article on this subject today.  Those who have an opposing POV, are subject to dismissal from school, suspension or beaten publicly.  We used to call this flogging in the old days, but this has now become associated with child abuse, so we cannot speak of its nature.  Speaking of child abuse, we can no longer utter the words.  They will be stricken from the dictionary by Constitutional Amendment, just as soon as Congress, aka; our group of baboons running this country can decide how else to cause discourse and demise of this once proud nation.

At the end of the day, we will no longer be able to speak, thus becoming a society of mutes, using only our ability to sign (language) as a means of communication.

Can you guess what sign will be most popular?