Automotive, transgender, Hmmm????

Well, seeing as the entire issue of transgender is so popular in the world of media hype and hyperbole these days, why not add to the fiasco and fun of fantastical reporting.

Famed actor Will Smith, has admitted that his son is “gender fluid perspective”, whatever that really means, has not gone as planned.  I suppose he picks and choses his preferred sexual identity day to day, minute by minute. (No Doobie Bros. reference-thank god).  Oh boy, or is is girl?  Never mind.  And to think this so called progressive society has now provided a completely irrational and mixed up mindset for this young man and many others. What a mess!

The question I have., If you own a hybrid car, is that car “transgenedered?”  Really!!  Wouldn’t this be the proper classification of the auto.  Not truly a gas operating automobile.  Part this-part that.

Does the dealership have certified LBGTQIA mechanics working on your car?  If not, why not?  We do not want to segregate now, do we?  Shouldn’t the car be “all inclusive?”  — #me too!  for fear we might hurt the little trans-axel feelings.  Wouldn’t you want your car to be able to park in a safe space? 

Heck, everything else is said to be included.  Do they check under the hood and make sure your auto has the correct “transgender fluid?”  Can you ask for a specific type of fluid?  Lord only knows what they will actually put into the car.  (I don’t want to know).

Can you see the advertisements now.

Come to Homo Honda!!  We will treat your car will TLC, that only a certified LBGTQI A mechanic can provide.  Your car will be pretty in pink when were finished buffing and polishing her.   Extreme care will be taken to insure all fluid levels, points, condensers, and joints have been probably serviced and lubricated.  Nothing will be left to chance.  When you pick up your hybrid, it will be in tip-top, shop till you drop shape – ready for the runway, oops, I mean roadway.  We guarantee that our head mechanic, Haywood Jablomey will provide outstanding service.  He takes great pride in knowing that you and your car will leave smiling and satisfied.  So come on down to Homo Honda, we’re at the intersections of the 6 and 9 freeway, just south, of the town Anal.

It’s coming to a town near you–just wait!