Irrational – on all levels

Irrational as defined by Webster’s Dictionary:

without the faculty of reason; deprived of reason.
without or deprived of normal mental clarity or sound judgment.
utterly illogical:
And so it begins.  DACA– simply irrational.
Former President Barack Obama, stated on numerous occasions (in public forums), that he did not have the Executive power under the Constitution to write and or implement law., DACA.  That the laws “must” be written in the House, approved by Congress and signed by the President.  These are our nations laws, as they are written.  What does he do, writes and implements the DACA program, using his executive powers.
The SCOTUS rules by a 9-0 margin, that the writing is illegal, as the President expressly does not have the executive power authority under
this nations laws (our Constitution), to implement such a program.
Our Congress, in there infinite wisdom, by bi-partisan agreement, will not remove nor disregard the illegal law-writing/program as written in its current state.  Why not?
Our current President, Trump has stated he will disband the program, yet a Federal Judge has now ruled, that our President will be forbidden from doing so, at least temporarily.
Hmmm? To recap this fiasco:
So we now have the judiciary making rulings on an illegal executive power order, for a program that has no legal standing thus making the program illegal and usurping the current sitting President’s Executive Powers aAuthority, which he does have (under the Constitution).
Is it any wonder, this country is such a mess.
This is the definition of “Irrational” – behavior.
And I am the “BerZerk” one.  Hilarious and tragically sad.