“Three Strikes” and Your Out!

“Three Strikes” and your Out!  This applies in the game of baseball.   You only get (3) timeouts outs in football and in the state of California, they even have a (3) strikes law on the books., (albeit – a dumbass and completely irrational and perverse law it is).

Couldn’t/shouldn’t we be able to apply this to our Congressman, media pundits, (idiots) – Hollywood elitists and all others.  There are so many out there to choose from.   When they make ridiculous statements of stupidity and ignorance, or behave in such a childish and insidious manner., can’t we just get rid of them.   Purge them from society and from speaking on the airwaves.  Why do “I” as a tax paying citizen have to be bombarded and subjected to there voices and words.  Shouldn’t I have my say, just as they have theres.

How wonderful would it be to already have removed the likes of Gloria Allred, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, Bill DeBlasio, Nancy Pelosi, etc, etc, etc.

Banish them to an island all to themselves, where they can commiserate in unity and harmony, there mindless acts and statements of stupidity, convincing only each other, just how useless they really are.

Brilliant I say!!  Simply Brilliant!   We shall call it Gilligan’s Island –oops already taken.  Sherwood Schwartz would not be happy.  In fact, Gilligan was far to smart for these people, (even if by pure coincidence or accident)

How about “Fools on the Hill, or Fools From the Hill.”  Perhaps, Dumb and Dumber (nope taken as well-damn!!).  

How about The Island of Baboons!  Let’s face it, a group of Baboons is known as a Congress.