“The Straw Man a cometh”

Well, in there infinite wisdom of continual acts of stupidity and ignorance, California’s elected officials have once again wasted the tax payers money.  They have created a new law, out-lawing straws in restaurants, etc.  In fact, if a server provides a straw to a patron/customer and that customer has not asked for one, the server can be fined, and or jailed.  You cannot make this nonsense up!

Let’s take a straw poll and how many think this actually makes any sense?  Ah, none.

Question:  How are they possibly going to implement this new law?  Are they going to police restaurants with “straw buyers?”

Secret shoppers newly hired under the dark of night to infiltrate the servers of the state.  Will they crash into there homes after said infractions and drag them out of bed in the middle of the night?

Talk about policing ones lives.  This ludicrous, although not surprising at all.  Remember Moonbeam Brown and his band of gypsy leading irregulars created  the “Cow Farting Law”, as well.

What happens to those who wish the share there straw with another?

All this over there environmental protection of removing plastic from society.  Let’s not discuss how many raw and natural materials will be needed to replace the straws with ones made of paper? (another discussion).

I am all for promoting and preserving sound environmental solutions that make sense.  This simply does not pass the smell test, or any other logical and reasonable test.  It’s no wonder there Democrats created it.

Talk about wasteful and irrational.