Judiciary in Crisis?

The Devin Nunes memo – (GOP) about the election tampering, collusion etc., to not have Trump win the Presidency certainly stains the FBI, the Office of the Presidency, the State Department, The DOJ and politics in this nation.  It appears to present the truest inclination that we are now acting and behaving as a “Banana Republic.” Shameful and disgraceful.

With all the discussion, finger pointing and conversation about this subject, there is only one question I have not heard asked.  What roll did the FISA court judge play in this fiasco?  Has anyone checked his background on voting preference.  Is he a “never Trumper?”  Does he enjoin in  a extremely liberal mindset?  Don’t  you think these are worthwhile questions?  If the FBI, DOJ, and others can be bought in an attempt to skew the election results, so THERE preferred candidate wins, is it not plausible that an assist from a judge can be provided?  Why not?

Perhaps this judge just looked the other way.  Perhaps he knew that the original submission for a FISA warrant didn’t meet the benchmark to actually provide a warrant, but he looked the other way. Who would actually accuse this man of such behavior?  How would/could one prove it?

It sheds light on the possibility, doesn’t it?  If an investigation is truly needed to get to the bottom of these illegal actions, then shouldn’t he be questioned as well?  What does he have to hide?  Wouldn’t he want complete transparency?

If the judiciary is complicit, that sends this nation into an entirely different set of circumstances.  Let’s face, the judiciary to this point in Trumps tenure as president, has been less then stellar and transparent. They have on numerous occasions ruled against President Trump, in what appears to be open bias and animus towards him and his policies.

They have conflated and obfuscated the law rot suit there positions.

It makes me (perhaps you) wonder where we are headed next.