Let’s get serious-shall we.

The following passage has been sent to many of our elected representatives, Senators and House members alike.

School Safety Initiative
I am providing what I believe to be a sensible, rational, logical, reasonable and plausible solution, to the extreme violence (mass shootings), that are children have been exposed to in our school system, unnecessarily so.  It is incumbent upon you, our publicly elected officials to provide leadership, guidance and solutions when this nations people cry out for help. We are crying out now! What will it take for you, this collective body of individuals, so entrusted by We the People, for which you are meant to serve, to act promptly, productively and intelligently. This cannot be like immigration, fiscal spending budgets, etc., where the can gets kicked down the road. You have a fiduciary responsibility that quite frankly needs to be lived up to. Will it take your child, grandchild, close friend, brother, sister, to be slaughtered needlessly before you act accordingly? God, I hope not.
Below, I have outlined a 4pt. program that utilizes the concept of police involvement in the community, in a association with the student population, faculty and parents. Here are my thoughts.

Part 1:
Hire retired police, armed reservists, active reservists, and national guardsman to work on school campuses., providing on going security. Part of there work (providing security) will include teaching a class in “community involvement.” The purpose is to teach the students an overall awareness of their surroundings, not while just on campus, but within their community. If you see something, say something.
One would think, that this is an idea that bi-partisanship surely can and should support. On many occasions, the conversation of police involvement in communities, without being looked upon as adversaries in riot and/or combat gear has been mentioned. It provides an open line of communication for the students, faculty and parents with the police/security at the school. Additionally, it also allows the police/security to identify early on, a potential and problematic student as a threat, and/or an actual threat before it arises. Why? Because it helps them to be informed by those who know best, the student body.
Just think of the lives saved had this been made available in any one of the mass shooting incidents, that have been perpetrated in our schools within the past few years.
It satisfies the more conservative mindset of police presence, a more liberal mindset of police involvement without the need for brute force, (unless absolutely necessary), this has a bi-partisanship agreement written all over it.

Part 2:
The cost of hiring such security force will not be cheap. There are some schools, in some states and districts that simply will not have the funds available to provide these types of services. To answer this concern I say this;
President Trump, you have spoken numerous times about the wasteful money this nation spends on the United Nations. The money the nation spends compared to the services we receive from the UN are exorbitantly wasteful. I agree. The United Nations as an organization, has consistently chastised this country, excoriated us and consistently been non responsive as well as un-supportive of this country’s position. To the best of my knowledge, this nation provides over 8 billion dollars annually to the UN. If you take 15% of those monies, and redirect them to a national school fund for the protection, safety and well being of our children, students and faculty, rest assured, we as a nation, I as a parent and the many millions of other parents would sleep peacefully. If you need the assistance and or approval of Congress to make this happen, then do it!!
In the event, that this fund (estimated to be 1.2 billion dollars) is not enough to finance this program, I would bet dollars to donuts, that if you asked each family, in each school district, to make a donation of money that they can afford, (5 dollars, 10 dollars etc), the money will flow in like the Nile river. Add in to this equation, local businesses, big corporations etc., and finances most assuredly will NOT be a problem. This would require ZERO taxes or increase in taxes to anyone/everyone in this nation.
Who would not want to participate in a program that protects our children, our nations future and provides a sanctuary, safe haven for them to learn?
It would be unfathomable and incomprehensible to me that “We the People” would not be able to make this happen.
Israel is a shining example of success, having already implemented a program very similar to what I am describing. They have “zero” incidents of school shootings. This program has been in place for nearly 40 years.
Why not utilize there expertise, wisdom, knowledge and guidance to provide a blueprint for success here? Reaching out to an ally of ours, for assistance in a matter such as this just makes sense.

Part 3:
As part of the program, the school in its entirety will be trained/schooled in emergency drills, by the police/security much to like we do for earth quake drills, fire drills etc., that are taught throughout this nation. I recognize that a potential would be active shooter, would then know the drill and try to find ways to circumvent the procedure. Keep in mind, he must have gained access to the school grounds first, in order to implement his plan. Which brings me to part 4.

Part 4:
Every school will have one point of entry only, thus mitigating the opportunity for access and success. All schools will always have many points of exit in case of emergencies. Many of the schools have multiple buildings that are open and exposed. I understand that dilemma. How do we protect these areas? Inexpensive video camera systems and technology are readily available to provide complete coverage of unmanned areas. Having manned police/security patrol on campus is a strong deterrent.
This is not full-proof. Nothing ever is. The greatest deterrent to prevent innocent victims from being slaughtered, is that the perpetrator gets push back. If he has many layers to peel back, before he has an opportunity to create his carnage, the likelihood of success are greatly diminished. There were many signs missed in this latest tragedy, on many levels. Those missed signs certainly need to be evaluated and reassessed. Imagine if the parents, students, faculty were more aware through education, training, awareness counseling, along with the police/security presence, what might have been prevented. This horrific tragedy may have never happened. Individuals who carry out such egregious acts of senseless violence are cowards. They prey on the innocent, unaware and those who do not know how to protect themselves, and/or cannot fight back.
It is my opinion, this a good start at solving a problem that sorely needs to be addressed. It’s a great way to start fighting back.