Delta Dummies Down

Well it appears that Delta Airlines has really “Dummied Down”on this one. They have capitulated to the MSM and the narrative of no guns etc, in the wake of the horrific shooting in Parkland, Florida High School.  A new dawn is now upon them.  I wouldn’t call it “Delta Dawn,” (no reference to the 70’s hit song from Helen Reddy), but they just cost there company 38 million dollars in revenue saving costs, over 13 NRA discounts that employees received who actually purchased guns.

Really?  Just 13?  Incredible!

Talk about sucking up to the media mantra and an act of financial stupidity.  They were willing to forgo serious money from the state of Georgia, (and warned it would happen), in tax saving incentives on fuel, and they didn’t care. Political correctness run amok., yet again.

I will never dismiss nor diminish the severity of the horrific tragedy that took place, but does anyone really truly believe, the “gun” was responsible?

I wonder if there executive bonuses will be paid out this year?  Time will tell.