Should it be Oscar or Felix?

Well, last night the Academy Awards (Oscars) went off without a hitch, other then an all-time low rating.  That’s right, there numbers were down nearly 16% from last year, which was down from the year before and so on.  Maybe they might want to change the name of the award to Felix to generate interest.  Because NO ONE is watching!!  Maybe Felix can use his bag of tricks to instill some viewership interest.

Hmmm,  interesting that the elite in Hollywood can entertain us with movies and creative talent, (not really, box office numbers are way down as well), but when it comes to entertainment and glorifying themselves publicly, reminding “US” deplorable’s just how mundane and insignificant we are, they are a HUGE flop.

Funny how that works.

So I have decided to offer up a new category for Oscar to consider.  Many of these creative artists spew political statements, (like a broken mainline from a cesspool) about subjects they know next to nothing about, in order to stay or feel relevant, or perhaps to show “US” deplorable’s just how intelligent they really aren’t.  Often times they’re winners in this category.

Let’s present them with a PELOSI Award!  What’s a Pelosi you ask?

In honor of America’s famous Publicly Elected Liberal of Stupidity and Ignorance (PELOSI),  inclusive of her grandiose statements of stupidity and ignorance, we honor the entertainer who speaks with such brilliance during the broadcast show.

This years winner is, drumroll please – Jimmy Kimmel.  Taking shots at the President, Vice-President and many topics, he is the clear winner.  Of course, it takes a certain level of intelligence to be a “talk show host,” so says the man who dropped out of college.  He was much better as the foolish sidekick on the “Man Show” with Adam Corolla years ago, drinking beer and commenting on “juggies” bouncing on trampolines.  His political rhetoric and narrative is more often ill-advised, like that of many of his peers.  We deplorable’s simply do not care about his views, especially when they are poorly spoken due to lack of knowledge and or rational and logical thought.  When questioned and/or challenged on any number of subjects, in typical irrational thought, speech, he reverts to screaming and name calling. Brilliant!

So Jimmy you are the 1st Annual winner of the “Toady Award.”  You receive a Tin statue of Nancy Pelosi.  Aren’t you proud?  You can place this on the mantel in your palatial home for all your cronies to see.

Nothing says you’ve arrived like winning  a “PELOSI.”

I wonder if being a Toady Award winner will silence there statements of stupidity and ignorance?  Ahhh, not likely.

Congrats!  Look forward to next years debacle.