This is a Truism that cannot be denied.

Louis Farrakhan, arguable the most hateful Anti-semite the world knows today, recently gave a speech in Chicago.  He chastised, berated and pontificated how the “jews” are the reasonable people for all the words troubles and ailments, etc.  He said there day has come and they that he will rid if the world of the Jews.  Generally speaking, this was the intent of his words, his message.

Hmmm., not a very smart anti-semitic prick black bastard he is.  He has failed to recognize that every country, civilization that has tried to eradicate the jews, has failed miserably.  All the Jews’ past enemies disappeared from history.  Spain after it expelled its Jews in 1492, (one of the worlds powers at that time), became largely irrelevant to history. And this was only within a couple of generations.  The Nazi Germans, the perpetrators of the Holocaust, relinquished there power and endured millions of deaths within their nation.  They then became a divided nation for the next half-century.  Today, we have countries that curse the Jews and wish there existence be gone. These Arab and Muslim hating nations, would in all likelihood be in much better condition if they spent as much energy building there nation up, rather then hating on the Jews.  Gold Meir famously said., “When the Palestinians love there children as much as they hate Israel, then there will be peace.”  She was correct.

There political, social, and economic positions worldwide would certainly be stronger.  There people would absolutely be thriving compared to the demise, discourse and dismay of their current living conditions.

The funny thing about all of this, they seem to continue to repeat history at there own demise and at grave expense of their people.

Dumb is as dumb does, I suppose.