A Storm is Brewing

So, as we know, Storm(y) Daniels, the sophisticated porn queen has been linked to President Trump having had a lascivious affair with him waaaaaay back in 2006.  So what?  Who the F–k (on point) cares.  in two words Bill Clinton, John Kennedy and the list goes on.

What is a grand source of amusement, she is starting as “funding campaign” to pay for her attorney fees.  That is jump out of bed hilarious, especially since “jumping in” got her into this mess in the first place.  And as for raising money?  WTF?  Hello???  Just lay down baby and do what you do best.  DUH!!!

Stormy!!!  — You could start an entirely new “#metoo movement.

One that people willingly would want to participate in.  Maybe we get Harvey Weinstein to represent (finance), Matt Lauer to broadcast, Kevin Spacey to star and Al Franken to negotiate the passage a new.  Of course, we would also need the approval of Jimmy Kimmel, and Meryl Streep from the Hollywood elites.  Naturally, how could we forget brainiacs such as Joy Behar and her brethren on “The View.”  It would be incomplete without them.