Another Toady Award Winner!

This weeks Toady Award winner is:  none other then the Democrats biggest cry-baby Hillary Clinton.  Once again, she has shown the world just how “deplorable and irredeemable” her statements and behavior truly are.  This nation dodged a  .44 caliber bullet by not electing her President.  Madam Cabbage Patch Queen has outdone herself with her ridiculous and egregious statements made on her tour in India.  I love it!

As a “Toady” winner, she will get the Pelosi Trophy (honoring the Queen of  publicly spoken statements of Stupidity and Ignorance – Nancy Pelosi herself), to put on her mantel alongside her many other fine awards she has garnered.  I will send her a sound track of the Beatle’s song, “I’m  a Loser,” so as to make her feel right at home while she guzzles her copious amounts of Chardonnay,  all the while, screaming “Huma! Huma! Huma!” Where the F–k are you? Leave that little Weiner alone and fetch me some Two Buck Chuck!

Classless, corrupt, clueless, corrosive, characterless, did I forget one?  Hmmm…..????  Help me out here, please?  LMAO!