Elmer and Bugs – 2018

Today’s political theatre and climate is truly looney-tunes.  I have mentioned this on many occasions.   As such, what better association then to reference the brilliant voice of Mel Blanc (use your imagination) and the creators of Looney-Tunes cartoons at Warner Bros.

I give you, aka: The Democratic Party (and most liberals in the MSM) as Elmer Fudd and President Trump as Bugs Bunny.

Every time the Democrats (Elmer) thinks he has Bugs (Trump) cornered, he is made the fool.  Sound  and look familiar?  “Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet.  We’re hunting a Wascally Wabbit!!  Now we gotcha ya wittle wabbit.  Told ya I’d get ya didn’t I?  You fell for our twap didn’t ya!!   You wascally wittle wabbit won’t get away this time!  We are to smart for you.  We Finally caught ya, didn’t we …uh oh!”

And the next thing you see,  that dumb-ass expression of complete and utter confusion and embarrassment, along with as many excuses as they can conjure up.   Because they have no idea as to what just happened and how they got there.

The hilarity of it all, wash, rinse, tumble dry and repeat — for success.

Trump baits them, they bite, he hooks them and then they are discarded like yesterdays newspaper  having been used to paper train your puppy.

It’s just so much fun to watch.