Race Baiting

Twitter, The Left-wing social media outlet–has stated publicly about  pulling the accounts of prominent racists, yet it allows Louis Farrakhan account to remain.  Hmmm??

Several Democratic leaders including Reps. Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, Danny Davis, Andre Carson, Keith Ellison,  Gregory Meeks and  Al Green” have had meetings with Farrakhan while in Congress.  More hmmmm..???

Chicago’s finest Mayor – Rahm Emanuel (that’s laughable) has cozied up to him as well.  Former President Barack Obama is connected to Farrakhan and likely would not have won the election had a photo of him cozying up to the Racist Black Bastard Pig Anti-Semite surfaced back in 2005 when it was taken.   And still, more hmmm.??

Questionable people to say the least.  An “A-List” of deceit and dishonesty to say the very least.  Everyone mentioned is a race-baiting antagonist and opportunistic lair.  See there records for proof.

Here si but one statement for validation.  Such a man as Malcolm is worthy of death.” — Louis Farrakhan in 1964 on Malcolm X, who was later murdered by Nation of Islam members.  How any black man can and would support this punk is unconscionable to me.  To me, that clearly shows just how specious and corrosive Obama “really and truly” is as a man.  Americans need to “woke” from there  coma and turn the tide on this disgusting man and his ilk.