Knucklehead News of the Day

Well, England has officially lost it’s collective mind, publicly speaking that is.  It seems there is a fella in England who taught his Pug, (dog) to raise his paw, i.e., salute when he says the phrase, “Seig heil.”

Personally, that’s hilarious!  I am a jewish person and I still find it HILARIOUS!  Yes, part to why I am The BerZerktoad.  Let’s be honest here, shall we.  While this is certainly mildly offensive to some, funny to others, it is unto itself a wildly ridiculous situation.  This mans attempt at humor may fit the mindset of some, but one’s interpretation of funny is vastly different from another’s.  Is this edgy?  You bet.  Is some raunchy humor edgy, you bet.  Should we be falling apart at the seams over this — not a chance.

What is truly mind boggling to me, is this man was prosecuted and convicted for “hate speech.”  Really?  Are these people in England so soft, that THIS incident is cause to spend the taxpayers monies in such a  wasteful manner?  Quite frankly, I would be outraged.  Incredible!!

The English are well known for bawdy, raunchy and raucous humor.   This has been an M.O. of there nation for centuries.  We (the world) have embraced and enjoyed there humor all along.

The lack of sensibility, common sense and logic that this man was found guilty of hate speech, tells me, England has truly lost their way.

Freedom of speech rule(s) of law in England are different then here in the USA and thank God for that.  What’s next?

What level of punishment is said to befitting of such a heinous crime?  Are we to get a ouija board and summon up the spirits of Josef Mengele to implement the proper punishment for this man and his dog?  Perhaps, we could call on Syria’s leader Bashar Assad and ask him to “gas the pup and his perp.”  This is insane!!

It is incomprehensible to me that a barrister and a judge would actually waste the time to prosecute and hear this case.

Can you imagine what the penalty would likely have been if the dog was a Schnauzer or German Shepard?  Do you realize how many phrases, words, terminologies could have been chosen to teach this dog, this trick?  What if the the dog was taught something in Hebrew?  Do we know offend the Muslims in England, of which there are many?  Do we behead the dog and his master for hate speech?

When does this nonsense and lack of irrational, irresponsible behavior end, by those in charge?

One would think England has far greater concerns in there country then stupid pet tricks.  Bring David Letterman out of retirement, please?

Oy Vay!!