Nuclear missile or big D–k?

Wouldn’t it be great if Kim Jong Un gave the name of his nuclear missile – “No Dong?”  Sounds like a great name for a Stormy Daniels movie, that likely flopped. It must have starred Democrats.  That said, shouldn’t a Harvey Weinstein chick flick be classified as a Porn Movie?  Just asking?  And how come the Stormy Wonder-Woman, hasn’t adjoined the #metoo movement? Could it be because other (then me), who hasn’t had her?

Perhaps a squeak-quel, “It was a Dark and Stormy Night” not intended to be a horror flick – but with Democrats in the lead, what else could it be?  Of course, she could also have done “Gulp Friction” and a “Few Hard Men,” some real cliff-bangers.

I guess getting the Little Rocket-man to do something no one else in the worked has been able to do, stop the launching of nuclear missile testing  is just Not Necessarily the News.  Please bring back Dan Akroyd and Jane Curtain for an encore performance.  Hey why not add Jim Belushi to the mix.   No doubt, the Lib-tards still think he’s alive, hiding in another body (gender).   You know one of the 63 they profess to acknowledge, just NOT the only ones that truly exist, male and female.

Stay tuned.  Guaranteed there will be more to cum. The MSM can’t resist the temptation to embarrass themselves, over and over and over again.