Democratic Rash or Political Chaffing?

Do you suffer from a Democratic rash or political chaffing?  Got that itchy, Bernie feeling in your rectum?  There is relief!

New and improved Reparation H.  FDA approved, certified government employees will show you how to start feeling relief in minutes.  They will come to your home in a private consultation/visit, show you how to insert a tube into your anal orifice, gently squeezing, until the Reparation H enters your cavity.  You will start feeling relief almost instantly.  It’s cool, soothing and minty fresh scent will penetrate your anal glands and remove that “itchy- Bernie” feeling.

You too can become and sphincter inspector and get paid $15 per hour, plus benefits (such as) knowing your assisting in ridding society of flaming assholes.  This product is/has been especially well received in the LBGTQIA-LMNOP groups as well.

The Left will praise your performance as one of Moonbeam Browns Butt Plugging professionals.  Make your family proud!  Get a government job, many perks and benefits, all the ass you could hope to have.  Your parents can brag about your new position, “my son is into assholes,” and makes great money doing so.  Your friends can call you “Brown-eye Bernie.” with pride.

Transgender is not a prerequisite for success or employment opportunity, butt certainly opens the door. (experience counts)

Call us at: 1-800-Asshole or email to: for details on how to get into this exciting new career.

Do your part to help society become a better and more pleasant place for all, by weeding out the assholes.  Call NOW!!