Questions Questions and more Questions?

Does Stormy provide a thunderous “ovation” or a fizzling one?

Is Genghis Khan the 40x great grandfather of Chaka?

How many GOP’ers does it take to make the news?  I don’t know–It’s all occupied by sleeze-ball Liberals.

Is Trump Gilligans fault?

Do you call your little buddy, Gilligan?

If Genghis Khan’s mother were Irish, would she be called “lingus-khan”?

Am I the only on who thinks Hillary would make a great Thanksgiving Day Parade float in her colorful pants suits?  She already comes with strings attached. (The people watching could flee just like a Godzilla movie).  Bring back Mothra.

Hilda-beast should team up with Jenny Craig and create the Fibber Diet, eat all the emails you can and wash it down with Chardonnay.  What do you think?  It can be call the Hilda-beast Feast!  Her marketing tag-line can be:  You can become just like me.  Fat-clumsy, egomaniacal, egocentric, untrustworthy, liar, deceitful, deplorable, irredeemable, irresponsible, and best of all Irrelevant!  America’s Biggest Loser!!

I wonder if Stormy is the Deep state person who taught Hillary to “bleach bit?”  It is a plausible and reasonable question?

Which do you think has penetrated more, The Deep State or a Stormy Daniels movie?