It’s Laundry Day.

Did you ever wonder if doing laundry was racist?  I mean, they have told us for years to separate the whites from the coloreds, haven’t they?

Who created this concept and why?  It’s not as if doing meant you have to use more laundry detergent.  We know that if you wash color(s) and whites together they will run and dis(color) the clothing.  So is this a societal issue as well?  Blending the colors and whites.  It would appear so, if you listen to the inherently ignorant bias spoken by the Far-Left media and liberal contingency.  They profess “all-inclusive,” blending –yet everything they say and do segregates society more then it blends.

Go figure.  What’s their motive?  Divide and conquer, by all means.  Get the vote at all costs.